The National Plan of Action included three planks pertaining to women’s health care. Plank 12 on health recommended a national health program that included benefits for reproductive and mental health services. It also called for the licensing of midwives as health specialists and safeguards against hazardous drugs. Plank 14 on insurance advocated for legislation prohibiting the denial of coverage for pregnant women, newborns, and unmarried mothers.

Delegates swiftly adopted the first two planks on health care. The third produced more contentious debate. Plank 21 on reproductive freedom urged all levels of government to comply with the United States Supreme Court’s decision guaranteeing a woman’s right to seek an abortion and make available all methods of family planning. It also opposed involuntary sterilization and the exclusion of abortion expenses from Medicaid coverage. Following delegate speeches—two in favor, two against—the resolution carried by a standing vote of five to one.

Equal Rights Amendment